November 04 - 06, 2019
Norris Conference Center - City Centre Location, Houston, TX

Alex Buehler

Director of Operations & Business Development, North America

3:30 PM Workshop N: Getting more Asset Improvements for less money: Tools for optimizing brownfield project portfolios

Oil and gas companies are challenged today with
extracting maximum value from the capital invested by
their stakeholders – needing to make every dollar count
and do more with less. Companies seek business value
in the management of aging assets. They must balance
financial projects against non-financial investments within
a finite budget, while meeting shareholder expectations to
see the maximum return on their investments. This requires
a portfolio of projects which each demonstrate their merits
for selection, along with the assurance that the portfolio
will deliver on the promised value. The real challenge is
to deliver capital portfolio outcomes, which not only do
projects right, but also do the right projects.
An optimized project portfolio approach shifts the
organization to delivering value, and not just a list of
projects. This in depth workshop will help you optimize
your project portfolio and show you how to:
• Take an integrated approach to project portfolio
management ensuring that every project in the portfolio
is aligned with the strategic drivers of the business, where
delivery of value to the asset becomes the measure of
• Deliver business value from project portfolios globally
using portfolio optimization and value management
methodologies and tools to systematically appraise the
project portfolio selection process
• Apply project readiness and risk indicators to all projects
within the portfolio to determine risk levels at each stage
gate in the forecasting, scheduling and value delivery
process for an on-demand summary view of the portfolio

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