November 05 - 07, 2018
Houston, TX

Jan-Philipp Mohr

Founder & CEO

1:15 PM Workshop I: Immersive Data Visualization: A new way of Analyzing your Data

Imagine you are the CEO of a multi facility oil and gas business. You need to get the full picture of your business before meeting your investors at 11 AM today. 

What if you could put on a head gear and immediately get a bird’s eye view of your entire company operations on a map in a virtual reality environment? Where you could touch a specific region and see the facilities revenue and operational statistics immediately. You tap further you gain even more profound insights into profitability and other operational metrics. You drag a region with your finger to compare its operations with that of another region already in your view. Moments later you can see that your plant in Houston is under performing. You call Mark, the operational in-charge of the plant who joins you in the virtual environment and together you see the facility’s metrics. It is like you are walking through the plant together. Mark explains some of the issues with operations and briefs you the remedial actions he has already taken. He brings out a plant layout and describes the areas needing capital investments to improve efficiency. He also shows locations, a status of projects and the expected the return on investment— all in a matter of a few minutes. Now, you simulate additional business scenarios using the data you just received and have a fair idea of future costs and profits. You meet your investors confidently.  

Immersive data visualization allows operators, investors, and executives to better control their business and make timely decisions. It connects multiple facilities and provides high-resolution data in real time, enabling companies to discover underlying patterns through visual correlations in seconds without depending on data specialists.  The immersive data visualization hardware – essentially augmented and virtual reality hardware) is now smaller and lighter than ever before:  AR/VR and IoT are converging and can be used a one single tool to help you drive improved operational excellence and efficiency.

This workshop  will explore the opportunities that immersive data visualization can provide and answer the following key questions: 

- What are the expectations from immersive data visualization?
- What changes will be needed for the adoption of immersive data visualization? 
- How will you measure the value from the immersive data visualization?
- How are some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies already leveraging this exciting technology? What bottom line benefits are they seeing? 

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Jan-Philipp.

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