November 04 - 06, 2019
Norris Conference Center - City Centre Location, Houston, TX

Ranjana Mehta

Assistant Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, College of Engineering
Texas A&M University

1:15 PM Workshop L: Better with bots? Are robotics and UAVs the future of work in hazardous industries?

• What are the specific opportunities, challenges
and best practices to take advantage of this
dynamic technology to drive business results
• Have you considered the creation of a ‘virtualized
workforce’ that emulates the rapid automation
and execution of repetitive steps in a process
interaction with systems in the same way as
a human user, meaning no complex system
integration required?
Robots can be used for many different tasks
in multiple conditions. For instance, in normal
operations, they’re currently being effectively
used for inspections of pipeline and offshore rigs.
Further, in emergency scenarios, they are being
effectively leveraged for tasks such as search and
rescue and damage assessment. The challenges
and best practices associated with Human Robotic
Interaction (HRI) for these diverse task types and
environments is not well known. This talk will
provide a brief overview of how robot operators
performance varies under different conditions
and will provide recommendations for how tools
(e.g., crew rest schedules, UAS apps), tasks, and
trainings can be designed to mitigate performance
failures. These recommendations will be grounded
in evidence from the NeuroErgonomics lab on
performance under fatigue/stress, and more
recently from an NSF-funded project to Mehta,
Peres, and Murphy, which is currently investigating
physiological and behavioral outcomes from
public safety sUAS pilots during Hurricane
Harvey response and surveillance operations
at Hawaii to understand opportunities and
challenges associated with HRI in hazardous work

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