November 04 - 06, 2019
Norris Conference Center - City Centre Location, Houston, TX

Richard Warren

Director of Product Management for Meridian

8:30 AM Workshop B: Asset Lifecycle Information Management: Optimizing Asset Performance and Maximizing Uptime

• Market challenges
• Defining the key challenges faced (competition, disconnected silos, global workforce, incompatible software/data, access to data, IP protection, cost of maintaining quality and productivity)
• What are the key trends
- Meeting those challenges and identifying new opportunities to excel
• What approaches are available to meet the challenges
- Best practices
- Industry standards
• Opportunities to work in new ways
- The impact of the cloud and Mobile
- Why BIM is a misnomer (expand on the idea of managing a digital version of your physical asset – not just a ‘Revit’ model, but various data formats and sources, 3D and 2D, throughout the lifecycle)
- A vision for the future of Asset Information Management
• Maintain Your Digital Asset Information
- Centralized but accessible anywhere
- Agnostic to authoring software
- Standardize workflows
- Integrate with business systems (CMMS/ERP)
- Automate
• Benefits
- Productivity
- Reliability (both in the asset data and facility)
- Lower cost of increased quality

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Richard.

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