November 05 - 07, 2018
Houston, TX

Stewart Behie

Manager, Safety and Process Risk
Occidental Oil & Gas Corporation

3:00 PM Risk Based Decision Management: Improving the Outcome of Critical Technical Decisions

When the possibility of significant impact resulting from decisions is possible, the process by which decisions are made becomes critical so as to minimize a poor decision leading to a disastrous outcome. The sports world offers some insight into decision taking in terms of reading
and reacting to increase the possibilities of positive outcome of decisions. Elite teams practice in game-like situations to master the ability to take good decisions with positive outcomes. These teams also learn how to apply risk-reward paradigms to make to make risk based decisions.
Many disasters have occurred as a result of questionable and even poor decisions taken at a critical time. Many factors come into play at the time that key decisions are made including time and cost pressures to complete tasks, imprecise or conflicting information, cultural biases, the individual’s inability or lack of self-efficacy when placed in critical situations, the experiences and ages of the decision makers, etc.Based on the analyses of several incidents with disastrous outcomes including Macondo, Texas City, Piper Alpha and others, Stewart Behie identified several key “buckets” which must be avoided to reduce the possibility of negative outcomes from decisions. In this highly insightful session Mr Behie will explore the trends that your operators can use to in making properly informed decisions.

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