November 04 - 06, 2019
Norris Conference Center - City Centre Location, Houston, TX

Yr Gunnarsdottir

Continuous Improvement / Process Leadership
Royal Dutch Shell

9:30 AM Case study from one of the world's largest refineries: Stretching Continuous Improvement (CI) to act as a key enabler for business performance and outcome... even in time of crisis

This session will touch upon how CI can drive Operational Excellence ways of working in times of 'calm and crisis.'
  • The foundation needed to put the business value 'stake in the ground' through a credible approach and business partnerships
  • Integrating the right elements to make CI fir for purpose with focus on leadership, business priorities,front line, purposeful development of people, engagement and communication AND showcase how CI ways of working enabled Europe's largest refinery to start-up in less than one month after a full shut-down due to a power failure
  • Diversions can be used by some as an excuse to 'just do it - no time to think about CI stuff' or as an opportunity to act fast to deliver safe, focused, controlled and aligned results
  • Learn how a pragmatic roll out and use of CI principles and approached can establish a fit for purpose way of working and a culture of collaboration to drive competitive advantage through relentless business focus.

10:30 AM Understanding the connection between culture and safety, environmental and financial performance

• What’s the link between culture, reliability and Operational Excellence?
• With so much volatility and risk in hazardous industries today – what impact can culture change can have on safety performance? environmental performance? compliance? financial performance?
• Where should the responsibility for changing culture sit in an organization?
• Can you measure organizational culture?
• Where do you start when it comes to changing culture?

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Yr.

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